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Our commitment to you

Everything we do is about helping our subscribers and visitors save money while living or owning property in Spain.  We are a small team that spend our time searching for and reviewing businesses and genuine money saving offers.

We commit to our reviews always being honest and impartial.  Our simple objective is to help you make an informed choice before committing to a company.  We will never promote a business for money.

Occasionally, we will use affiliate links on our site.  What this means is that if you eventually purchase a product as a result of our review, we receive a small commision to help to run the site.  In this case, we ensure that you are never charged more for the service and the commission comes from the vendor.

I would like to add that any affialiate links are added after our reviewing process and do not affect our opinion of the product or service.  Once our video reviews are published, our team then looks for affiliate links to accompany the review.  In fact, you will find many occasions when we have an affiliate link attached to a company with a negative review.

We have teamed up with LingoMar to be able to offer a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding paperwork and bureaucracy in Spain.  Supported by lawyers, gestores and tax and administration specialists, LingoMar are able to help us offer excellent free advice on matters regarding bureaucracy in Spain.

Many thanks!

David Wilde – Director

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